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Brenda Eckhardt

Expand your organic marketing skills on Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Meta and other platforms in online marketing. I partner with marketers, creators and business owners to teach the intricacies of platforms to grow and convert followers into paying customers.

Feeling Stuck?

Let’s replace the roadblocks with an organized marketing strategy and simplified systems.

Don’t have time? I can help you onboard and train your very own social media manager or content creator, through virtual coaching.

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What if Overwhelm Became "Owning it" instead?

With two decades of organic marketing experience, I’ve mastered growing small businesses online, without paid ads. 

✓ Have a go-to expert to guide you.

✓ Learn the tricks of each platform.

✓ Get a do-able content plan in place.

✓ Grow your following with ideal customers.

✓ Create content that brings in new followers.

✓ Elevate your brand while having a personal life.

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Individual Coaching

Elevate your brand, sharpen your skills, and build a thriving business with Brenda’s personalized coaching, tailored to you and your learning style.


Grow online alongside other business owners, marketers, and social media managers with similar goals. Flourish with the benefit of support from an online community.

Online Marketing Video Quick Tips

Choose the platform or skill you want to focus on from Brenda’s library of mini-lessons for fast learning. 


How Does Coaching Help?

Whether you put marketing on hold, are coming back from a life challenge, or simply hit a plateau, having a business coach can help you see from a fresh perspective. You’ve invested in your business, now it’s time to get back to yourself through continuing education, empowerment, encouragement, and finding balance. 

Listen to the

For marketers and business owners who want to grow a product or service-based business while prioritizing family and well-being.

Listen in for refreshing realness, quick hacks, and relatable stories that will leave you laughing and inspired.

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My work is being found online like never before

Before working with Brenda, I was all over the place with social media. I was posting without thinking, usually out of panic that I had let it slip. She gave me a clear plan and skills to help me make my business look polished and professional. My following is growing at rapid speed, and my work is being found online like never before!

– Kim, Realtor

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